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108 Bead Tiger's Eye and Rhodochrosite Mala with Rose Quartz Pendant

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The beautiful mala conveys a peaceful meditative vibe, perfect for mantras & meditation. It is said that daily practice of meditation will help to balance and calm your mind which in turn, will bring your emotions into a greater balance. Daily meditation has been linked to a calmer, more relaxed state of everyday life.

Mala helps you to meditate by focusing your mind on the counting of beads, each time you recite your mantra (or observe your breath) you count one bead. This helps you to keep your mind focused on your meditations, instead of wildly wandering, which in turn helps you to sink into a more deep and relaxed state of meditation

Take advantage of our 108 Bead Tiger's Eye and Rhodochrosite Mala with Rose Quartz Pendant if you are an earthy person, and vibrate to the energy of the solar plexus, also known as the power chakra, you may find that this stone aids you to bring through a variety of psychic gifts.

As Tigers Eye stone grounds you to the earth via the base or root chakra, it aids you to be more calm and centered, and is a strong stone for grounding you when you feel ungrounded or spacy.

Its vibration within this chakra will also especially aid people who are spaced out or who find it difficult to make commitments to doing what needs to be done.
By wearing a Tiger's Eye mala you will keep the energy closer to the lower chakras, where it is most effective.

This is an excellent stone for meditation as its holds the vibration of the Golden Ray. The golden ray is the vibration of Christ consciousness, a state of compassion, grace and unconditional love.

In summary, be aware that using this stone in meditation you may be taken to a place where you can make contact with beings of the Golden light.

Through communion with these enlightened beings, you may be guided about how to make your future actions be aligned with Divine will.

Rhodochrosite is a great stone for calling a new love into one’s life, a friend or a romantic partner that is a soulmate, one who helps us learn necessary lessons for our higher good. This stone can beautifully guide one in the quest for emotional happiness, help one move forward after a period of doubt, and express love toward others without fear of rejection.

Wearing, carrying or meditating with Rhodochrosite helps make one buoyant and cheerful, dynamic and active. It is mentally enlivening, stimulating one’s creativity, dream states and sense of personal power. It allows for spontaneous expression of feelings, and can enhance passion and sexuality.

This is a wonderful stone for helping children transition into childcare or school, or for attending a new school or college to settle in and find friends easily. It makes a great gift for new family members, such as those acquired by remarriage or adoption.

Rhodochrosite is a natural enhancer for becoming a more mature adult by healing the wounds of childhood, and allowing one to better understand and forgive one’s parents. It is also a marvelous support stone for anyone who works with children, such as pediatricians, elementary school teachers, and caregivers

> Bead: 8mm
> Length: 88cm

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